Subsidies instead of austerity – in the interest of families as well

There has been no precedent earlier to introduce subsidies instead of austerity measures following a serious economic crisis. The National Association of Large Families (NOE) welcomes the economy relaunching measures announced on Wednesday as  they aim to support families while all the previous subsidies and allowances are also maintained.

During the pandemic, many families faced not only physical and psychical hardship but even had to use up their savings. Family friendly measures introduced during the pandemic including expanding family subsidies, suspending repayments of Baby Welcome Loan and Housing Loan for Families (CSOK in Hungarian), general credit moratorium, home renovation support program, suspending evictions and seizures of properties all meant possible way-out from economic crisis for many families.

Sharing the results of a strengthening economy with families has an important message.

The possibility of the refund of personal income tax of parents raising children and the lengthening of credit moratorium can both contribute to the strengthening of families. As the largest family organization of Hungary, we welcome and support this aim. Subsidies for families attached to the economic growth in the last ten years have met our expectations so we hope that these measures will again be successful.

NOE has been active in contributing to the solution of the crisis, too. We organized charities to help families in need in 70 municipalities and informed stakeholders about hardships of families.

The success of relaunching the Hungarian economy can be best measured by the improvement in the quality of life of families. We appreciate that despite the challenges of the pandemic Hungary is on its way to continued support for families.

Budapest, 10/06/2021