We can provide budget accommodation at the Pethe Ferenc Youth Hostel, the Georgikon Campus of the Hungarian University of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Keszthely at a fair price of 60 EUR+ tourist tax/ 3 beds/room. Since the number of available rooms is limited, we can accept booking in the order of registration. Thank you for your understanding.
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Wellness Hotel KAKADU ***

The accommodation with a family atmosphere is located in Keszthely, 350 metres from Lake Balaton. Guests and groups are welcomed with extended services which assure the possibility of health preservation and the refreshment of body and soul. The hotel is open throughout the whole year and can comfortably accommodate almost 100 persons in 4 apartments and 32 rooms.

Address: 14 Pázmány Péter Street, Keszthely
Phone: +36-83-312-04

Active Guest House

Our guest house is only 100 metres from the Lake (Libás Beach and Yacht Port) along the Szent Imre Creek at the end of a silent street. The bike road and the Blue Hiking Path are only 50 metres from the accommodation. Active relaxation can be enriched by our offers of several various programs nearby.

Address: 1-3 Bajcsy-Zsilinszky Street, Keszthely
Phone: +36(30)3738-550
SZÉP-Kártya is accepted

Hotel Cristal

Our hotel can accept guest again. Details are available under the Important facts label. Wishing you all the best, The management, and the Staff of Hotel Cristal

Address: 20 Lovassy S. Street, 8360 Keszthely
Phone: +36 83 318 999 (0-24)

Kolping Hotel**** Spa & Family Resort

FOR FAMILIES WITH LOVE NEAR LAKE BALATON AND HÉVÍZ. “The services for children together with the facilities and the organised programs for children let you switch off from the weekdays.” viktork719/TripAdvisor, 24. January 2019

Address: 8394 Alsópáhok, Fő u. 120.
Phone: +36 83 344 143


Marton App.
6 Pázmány P. Street, Keszthely 30/856 8383
Palmetta App.
59 Bercsényi M. Street, Keszthely 70/261 4278
Diána Fogadó
5 Mély Street, Keszthely 20/363 0320
Ciklámen App.
43 Magyar Street, Keszthely 30/406 9938
Nádas App.
2 Nádas köz, Keszthely 30/320 6874
Sebestyén Vendégház
40 Festetics Street, Keszthely 30/505 3032
Viola Vendégház
11 Lovassy Street, Keszthely 30/640 5356
Molnár Judit Toldi68 App.
68 Toldi Street, Keszthely 20/351 1967
Nelli App.
52 Pázmány P. Street, Keszthely 30/652 7513
Szabó Lakás
23 Arany János Street, Keszthely 30/641 4268
Villa Melinda
33 Római Street, Keszthely 20/992 5709
Balaton Vendégház
3 Apát Street, Keszthely 30/649 7653
Silatti Panzió-Apartmanház
72 Rákóczi Street, Keszthely 20/217 1645
Szántó Sándor
28 Mátyás Király. Street, Keszthely 20/526 5505
Borsos Pálné
24 Erzsébet Királyné Street, Keszthely 30/411 2681
Fülöp Ildikó
21 Zámor Street, Keszthely
Nagy Zsófia
10 Mátyás Király Street, Keszthely
Dóra Holiday House App.
3/B Asbóth Street, Keszthely 30/600 6823
Familia App. Kónya Mihály
54 Ruszek J. Street, Keszthely 30/864 3710
Napfény App. Tóth József
15 Apát Street, Keszthely 30/264 6899
Szente Lászlóné
4 Ruzsek J. Street, Keszthely 30/323 2733
Kinga Appartmanház
5 Magvető köz, Keszthely 30/302 0265
Hérincs Péterné
44 Móra F. Street, Keszthely 20/204 9411
Tóth József Leila App.ház
11 Pázmány P. Street, Keszthely 30/546 4060


Castrum Camping

Address: 48 Móra Ferenc Street, 8360 Keszthely

Caravan Camping

Address: 43 Madách Street, 8315 Gyenesdiás

St. Ilona Camping

Address: Gyenesdiás, Lőtéri u. 36, 8315
Phone: 06 30 480 0010


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