Our activities

One of the aims formulated in the Articles of Association is building a community of large families. The main objective of organising events is strengthening community life, providing members from different parts of the country an opportunity to meet and to get to know the management of the association.


NOE has three large national events annually, attended by thousands of people. These are the annual general assembly of NOE, the family festival of our member organisations and members in autumn, and NOE Christmas celebration, respectively. Furthermore, NOE organises one additional special event, a large get-together every year. In 2016, we organised a Large Families Festival, in 2017, we celebrated the 30th birthday of the Association, whereas in 2018 we will have an International Family Congress at Veszprém. In addition to these large gatherings, NOE hosts a great number of various programs, conferences, negotiations, meetings at local, regional and national levels.

NOE has four large national events yearly:

  • Annual General Assembly
  • Baby Welcome Event
  • Family Festival in autumn
  • Christmas Celebration

We organise one additional special event, a large get-together every second year.

  • Family Congress



our Association highly values our international connections, and NOE is a member of various international organisations (e.g. COFACE, ELFAC, FEFAF, etc.) that are forums of NGO’s dealing with families. NOE is one of the founding members of the European Large Families Confederation (ELFAC). NOE actively cooperates with, and contributes to, the work of these organisations.

In 2015, NOE co-initiated an international pro-family project with the Confederation of Family Associations in the Carpathian Basin (KCSSZ). As of January 2018, NOE oversees implementing the international pro-family project.

The project aims at strengthening the social and financial background of European family lobbies and pro-family policy by international networking of family-related civil organisations. Our intention is that pro-family attitude, approach and values become more visible and become articulated in the legislation of the European Union. NOE and KCSSZ are thriving to contribute to the empowering of the pro-family approach at an international level, by lobbying European civil organisations through their network system.

The two pillars of our international program are the following:

  • Youth pillar: we find it of utmost importance to raise their awareness and reinforce the importance of working for families, as well as to inspire them to develop a family-centred baseline and approach. Also, we offer professional training for those who are already engaged in family-related activities either in their career or as volunteers for pro-family civil organisations.
  • Professional pillar: networking possibility for representatives of family-related NGO’s: we organise conferences, workshops, networking events about various topics related to family and marriage. This way, people working in this field in one way or another can gain an insight into the work of other organisations, can become familiar with the legislation of the different countries, can learn “best practices” from other organisations, may start cooperating with similar NGO’s throughout Europe, and have the opportunity to contribute to building a more family-friendly Europe together.


Our Association has already received numerous awards and distinctions, which we are very proud of. Therefore, we perfectly know and understand why it is so important to appreciate the work that others do for our Association, for our common aims and goals.

NOE has established three different prizes or awards.

  1. Our members excelling in community work and taking real action for families and family values are awarded with ‘NOE-prize’.
  2. The so-called ‘Family-friendly Municipality Award’ was founded in 2005. It is presented to dedicated municipalities on the World Population Day. Candidates are proposed by NOE members.
  3. NOE can rely on various smaller and larger enterprises, multinational companies and private individuals who prove their sympathy and solidarity towards our association. Their support is appreciated by the so-called ‘Cradle prize’.
  4. Loyalty Award in recognition of outstanding commitment to NOE.
  5. International NOE-prize for accomplishments on family issues in the international arena.


Conference on Youth Transition


The National Association of Large Families in Hungary (NOE), MEP György Hölvényi and the International Federation for Family Development (IFFD) organise a Conference on Youth Transition.  Venue:         European Parliament, JAN 6Q1                 …

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First European Convention of Family-Friendly Municipalities, Brussels


On Tuesday, November 19, 2019, the European Network of Family-Friendly Municipalities held its first Convention in Brussels at the headquarters of the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC). The act was chaired by Regina Maroncelli president of European Confederation of …

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NOE Conference with a highlight on “Youth, Family and Europe”

On behalf of the National Association of Large Families in Hungary and MEP György Hölvényi we cordially invite You and your colleagues to our CONFERENCE WITH A HIGHLIGHT ON „YOUTH, FAMILY AND EUROPE” 18th February, 2020 Brussels, European Parliament Follow …

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