Alejandro Macarron

Alejandro Macarrón, Spanish, telecoms engineer and MBA by education, and business consultant as his main profession, is the author of books like “Demographic suicide in the West and half the world” and “El suicidio demográfico de España”. His is the founder of the Demographic Renaissance Foundation.

Content of the lecture

Morning general session on July 10th (15 min. dissertation)
Large families: an oasis in Europe’s demographic desert”. Europeans are committing demographic suicide by not having enough kids. Too many of them are depriving themselves of the joy of having children. Large families are the best hope against Europe’s self-inflicted human depletion.

Afternoon session on July 10th with experts (30 min. dissertation)
“Europe’s demographic suicide. Key facts and solutions, with a highlight in Hungary”. An overview of the history and present of our fertility collapse, its consequences, causes and solutions. Friendly feedback will be provided about the effort of Hungary and other countries to boost birth rates.