The National Association of Large Families organises the first so-called „EYIFF Plus” Youth Workshop from 20 to 23 September 2018 in Budapest. This EYIFF PLUS meeting will be the first advanced level of the „European Youth Initiative for Future Families” series. The series of the European pro-family youth workshops were launched in February 2016, supported by the Hungarian Ministry of Human Capacities, and has already been organized five times in three years: twice in Budapest, once in Brussels, Warsaw and Lisbon.

The EYIFF PLUS aims to supply participants with professional factual knowledge regarding family matters, which helps them to work effectively for the benefit of families in their home country and/or at European level either in the civil society, in politics or in any other field. The target audience of the upcoming EYIFF PLUS workshop is a result of careful selection. As this time, participation is based on invitation, instead of application. We have invited a total of 25 people (from 11 countries over Europe, aged between 20 and 35) of former EYW/EYIFF participants who want to work for families and the establishment of a more family-friendly Europe within their professional or social career, and who proved to be the most devoted, committed and talented participants during our previous workshops.