One of the aims formulated in the Articles of Association is building a community of large families. NALF has three large national events annually attended by thousands of people. The main objective of organising events is strengthening communal life, providing members from different parts of the country an opportunity to meet and to get to know the management of the association.

Since 1990 we have organised family conferences every second year where one or two topics are dealt with comprehensively paying attention to the whole family. Vitally relevant aspects are handled here, for a healthy society can only be built on healthy families. The conferences are really organised for families, as each member of the family can take part. While adults discuss serious issues, NALF provides children with special programmes: sports events, excursions, handicraft possibilities and sports contests where volunteers make an invaluable support to NALF. The Third European Large Families Conference was organised in Győr in 2006.

NALF regularly organises conferences around a specific subject:

  • An international conference titled ‘Family-friendly society’ was organised in 1994.
  • In 1999 NALF’s experts made speeches on school education at the conference titled ‘Who raises whom?’.
  • At the conference on ‘Successful female carrier routes’ there were women speaking of their lives who have been successful in reconciling family and work and there were women who (often with university degrees) have found the fullness of their life in motherhood and raising children.
  • So-called mini conferences were organised by the regional centres of NALF for the International Day of Families at 32 venues in the country in May 2004.
  • In frame of the programme series of Family Week, a series of mini conferences were organised in the country where 90 local NALF organisations held small conferences on various topics involving families in March 2011. Eight further European countries joined the programme: the Czech Republic, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Italy, Portugal, Romania and Spain. The series of programmes was named ‘Europe: family first!’.


NALF got in touch with the German programme called ‘Lokale Bündnisse für die Familie’ in frame of an EU ‘Peer review’ programme in Berlin on ‘Reconciling family and work’ and has been following the activities of the programme ever since. The main objective of the organisation is establishing a family-friendly society by joining the collaboration of various institutions, organisations and society groups. The programme perfectly suits the ambitions, value structures and way of thinking of NALF on population and family politics, therefore we decided to be the promoters of the ‘Lokale Bündnisse für die Familie’ initiative. During the past few years NALF organised several conferences and prepared brochures about the programme in Hungary. As a result, such local communities (Lokale Bündnisse) have been formed in Hungary, as well.

International relations should be highlighted as well. Cooperation with Hungarian family organisations in the Carpathian Basin is the most considerable among international relations. In 2001 we established the Association of Family Organisations in the Carpathian Basin. NALF is a member of various international organisations that are forums of NGOs dealing with families. We are founding members of the European Association of Large Families.